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2019-2020 Governing Board Members:

Mrs. Melnyk was elected as our new Chariperson, Mr. Varga is our new Delegate at the Regional Parent's Committee and Mrs. Fiorino was elected as the Alternate Delegate at the Regional Parent's Committee.

Principal Irini Margetis Administration
Support Staff Silvy Gomes-Pires GB Member
  Elijah Mackongo Njambe GB Member
Parent Representatives Alexandra Melnyk GB Chair
  Antonio Zaruso
PC Delegate
  Joseph Varga
Alternate PC Delegate
  Edith Varga GB Member
  Eugenio Branco GB Member
  Cindy Knafo GB Member
  Angela Valla GB Member
  Paula Van Den Bosch Substitute
  Nancy Rebelo Substitute
Teacher Representatives Josie Nardelli
GB Member
  Chantale Dussault
GB Member
  Veronica Graniero
GB Member
  Elaine Frenette GB Member
Daycare Representative Maria Santino Daycare Technician interim
Community Representative Alba Fiorino Representative

Mrs. Alexandra Melnyk was re-elected as the Chairperson of Dante's Governing Board. Mr. Antonio Zaruso is our new EMSB Parents Committee Delegate and Mr. Varga was elected as the Alternate Delegate.