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Dante school’s staff prides itself on providing a high quality and comprehensive educational program whereby students engage actively in their learning. Your children are in their formative years and they will need our shared guidance to help them develop self-esteem and self-reliance so that they will grow academically, socially and ethically in order to become successful, caring and responsible human beings.

We strongly believe that parents are key partners with staff and administration in ensuring that your child(ren) feels/feel valued and value education and their school.

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A Thank you from the Gazette Christmas Fund

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Breakfast Television Coverage:

Le 16 décembre, les élèves de 3 ième année, de Mesdames Elaine, Maria C et de notre stagiaire Mélissa, ont reçu la visite de Madame Rita, (94 ans) ancienne enseignante et Madame Céline, responsable des activités. Les deux dames font partie de l’organisme ‘’les petits frères des pauvres. ‘’
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Cet organisme, les Petits Frères, accueille et accompagne les personnes seules du grand âge, afin de contrer leur isolement, en créant autour d'elles une famille engagée et fidèle jusqu'à la fin de leur vie. Les enfants avaient comme projet de travailler sur les valeurs tel que : le partage, la gentillesse, l’amitié etc. Pour rendre plus joyeux le noël de certaines personnes dans la communauté, nous avons décidé de fabriquer des calendriers, avec un message d’amour pour des membres de cet organisme. Nous avons remis à mesdames Rita et Céline, des calendriers pour les vieux amis ainsi que quelques chansons interprétées par les classes de 3 ième et une plante de noël pour égayer sa maison. En résumé, ce fût un moment magique pour les enfants, les professeurs et ces dames.

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Wednesday, January 27th
from 9:00a.m. to 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. to 3:15p.m.

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Join Us to Learn Innovative ADHD, LD & Mild ASD Parenting Insights, Strategies & Tools for Home & School.

Sunday, April 17th 8:00 am - 4:35 pm
Ruby Foo's Hotel 7655 Decarie Blvd. Parking Free

Individuals: $65
Parent Couples: $115

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The Italian teacher Ms. Giovanni Campoli and Ms. Franca Mambro took part in creating Holiday Season cards for the Montreal Children's Hospital. The Foundation selected  3 winners from Dante. Each winner was sent Holiday cards of their  print.

The first place winner    Sabrina D'Andrea
The second place winnerPaolo Ciccarelli
The third place winnerJulia Damiano

Sabrina D'Andrea's Holiday card was printed and being sold by the Montreal Children's foundation to many companies and individuals during this Holiday season. All money collected from the sales will be donated to the Hospital.

Letters to Santa

On November 18th, 2015 Grade 6 and Kindergarten took part in Dante’s yearly tradition; writing letters to Santa. Group 601 were welcomed by K-001 and everyone demonstrated great teamwork in writing, coloring, and cutting out a personalized letter. Not only did the seniors get a chance to mentor the younger students, the little ones reminded everyone how important it is to “believe”. From everyone here at Dante “Happy Holidays”.

Letters to Santa 2

Political Debate

In October, the students in class 5S6 prepared and were engaged in political campaign debates. They successfully presented arguments in terms of the pros and cons of the issues in the opposing political group to a jury. Furthermore, the candidates used strategies to quickly respond to the statements given by the opposing party. Below you see pictures from the Conservative, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois and NDP parties.

Halloween Fun

Our Halloween day was a spooky spectacular event! Students visited a beautiful pumpkin patch and selected a pumpkin of their choice. They then decorated their pumpkins and our parent volunteers were dressed up for the occasion as they assisted the students during their visit. A peanut free goody bag was given to each student. Such a day wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of our parent volunteers.

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