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Dante school’s staff prides itself on providing a high quality and comprehensive educational program whereby students engage actively in their learning. Your children are in their formative years and they will need our shared guidance to help them develop self-esteem and self-reliance so that they will grow academically, socially and ethically in order to become successful, caring and responsible human beings.

We strongly believe that parents are key partners with staff and administration in ensuring that your child(ren) feels/feel valued and value education and their school.

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Safe School Plan 2015-2016

On Tuesday, March 10th, the Grade 6 students had the privilege of attending a workshop on Brain Awareness. Ms. Kat, a McGill Ph.D student educated the students on brain research and explained how our senses, our body, and our brain all interact with one another. The students viewed a digital presentation, had an open forum for questions, participated in interactive activities where they were able to test theories and determine their own conclusions. To the student's surprise, they had the opportunity to see and touch a cow's brain!

Dante 2015 Science Fair Winners

Cycle 1:
1st place- Gianluigi Di Stefano and Massimo Longo (Battery Power)
2nd place: Sarah Gadon (Why fruits rot?)
3rd place- Katerina Risso (Perfume)

Cycle 2:
1st place- Stacey Borowik (Tree Grafting)
2nd place- Gianna Simancas and Anessa Martini (Plastic in the Dishwasher)
3rd place- Hailey Zaltzman and Julia Branco (Amazing Static)

Cycle 3:
1st place- Lilianna Guerra and Gabriella Giacomini (Beat It!)
2nd place- Anna Moscato and Olivia De Rubertis (Edible Water Bottle)
3rd place- Paolo  Ciccarelli (Why is my tablet so slow?)

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Dante School and Garderie Casse-Noisette from EMSBTV.

Spirit of Giving ---- Greatest Hits Concert

Spirit of Giving 2014: Dante School from EMSBTV on Vimeo.

School Leadership Award –October 3rd

Dante School displayed tremendous commitment, dedication and leadership in using Reflex ( focus on Mathematical facts ) and is the number one school in the EMSB with regard to Reflex use. In recognition of this achievement, Dante School was presented with a Banner to be displayed in our school. Great work, teachers and students!

Earth Rangers —October 3rd

This free show was enjoyed by students and staff. Students had the opportunity to be entertained by a few short videos and fun facts presented about animals. Students met a tortoise and watched it eat salad on the big screen. Students raised their heads and watched a white owl and falcon fly over them, from one side of the gym to the other several times. Students also met a pine marten and were entertained as it performed a few tricks. Students really enjoyed the show and learning about the wildlife creatures.

Terry Fox — September 24th

Dante students participated in the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. The Marathon raises awareness and funds for cancer research. Students were invited to the gym and given information about Terry Fox. After the information was presented by Mr. Ryan and Ms. Jamie, students were asked questions and the physical education teachers donated money for each question answered correctly. The students easily answered the questions and quickly raised funds. After the assembly, students walked to the neighborhood park and participated in the run. Since students and staff raised more than $1000.00 (our target), students were given an extra 15 minutes of recess the following day. The students collected a total of $1831.10. Great work Dante students, we surpassed our target!

Welcome Back--- Welcoming Day— September 5th

We had a wonderful start to a fantastic school year with our welcome back theme --- ‘Shine Bright like a Star’ --selected by the teachers. On Friday, September 5th, students and staff were dressed up for this special day. The morning started with students and teachers cutting a star and writing their individual goals for this school year. Students had an exchange of stars between classes and this was an opportunity for students to become acquainted with students from different grade levels. Each class was called to walk down the red carpet, pose with their sunglasses and take a class picture. The pictures were taken by the principal and Ms. Josie. In the afternoon, the entire school took part in a school parade followed by outdoor dancing lead by a dynamic D.J. . Students were given prizes as they danced, and all students ended their day as a star, with a refreshing Mr. Freeze. If you haven’t had the time to visit our bulletin board of our Welcome Day (created by Ms. Franca --art teacher), feel free to ask the secretary where to view the paparazzi pictures taken of our Dante Stars.

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